If you're curious about me, I can't blame you. Who writes all this weird stuff? What's the point? Who pays for erotica nowadays? I guess I can't answer every question but I can give you a rundown on my own specific motivations. I'm a private person so forgive me if personal details are sparse. I draw my own covers, comics and illustrations in an at home studio. I live in a first world country that isn't America. I enjoy making my hobbies lucrative so I can focus less on a day job and more on producing work for people like me who want to read it. I do other things besides write erotica but they aren't nearly as interesting.

Most importantly, I love erotica and believe it's a great expressive tool to talk about a lot of things with a lot of people that can be difficult, if not impossible subjects to broach in everyday life. My fantasies have always been a little offbeat and writing and drawing them just made sense to me.

In any event, this whole thing has been a journey and I'm happy that you, the reader are on it with me. I'm open to hearing what you think and appreciate honest critiques. I can't always answer every e-mail sent to me but I appreciate each and every one and take everything into consideration. If you want to see something in a book or have feelings on how a story turned out, do reach out!

Contact: Molagvall (at) gmail (be sure to have two 'L's'!!)